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Breathalyzer Vending Machine Advertising

Digital Signage

​One of the most effective forms of advertising is digital display signage, which uses traditional signage advertising enhanced with technology so that an advertisement is displayed on a physical digital screen at a well populated location. They can be digital signs at a shopping mall or a gas station, or even a breathalyzer machine in well established bars. Depending on the audience you are trying to reach, the right digital display ad is a proven strategy for attracting buyers.

Today's state-of-the-art digital displays or signage offers an engaging platform for advertisers to communicate with their audience. They are more efficient than older static signage (i.e. billboards) and offers substantial cost savings. For example, the ads on a digital display can be updated or changed instantly and remotely, without needing to physically remove and install a new ad at a certain location. They can be uploaded and made available on many screens at the same time. This makes it easy for advertisers to run seasonal campaigns and change ads frequently. Digital displays can also be interactive and tailored to the individual user by showing a particular bit of information or content that is triggered by the user's response or input. These interactive touch screen video ads can increase user participation and achieve more in-depth results.

Vending Machine Digital Signage Advertising
Digital Signage Touch Screen

signage screen on a vending machine can also maximize the upsell potential at the point of sale, for example, by offering a discount to the purchaser if they add on an additional item.

Like banner ads, digital signage can track the performance of the ad by capturing important demographic data like gender and age group, traffic, and overall interaction with the content, which can be used to further tailor and target the ads. Calls to action like scanning a QR code to download a coupon can be measured for effectiveness.

One of the fastest growing digital display advertising is done on vending machines. You may have noticed brands like Best Buy selling electronics or Uniqlo selling jackets through a vending machine at the airport. These are new and clever ways companies are bringing their products to market, and at a lower overall cost. A digital

Vending Machine Digital Signage Purchase

Millennials, who make up 25% of the population today have a mass buying power of $200 billion. Their preferred method of shopping is non-traditional and they often prefer a pure digital experience. Vending machine display ads are tailored to target this audience. For example, if the consumer purchases with a mobile phone, the ads for the selected product or company will appear on the phone screen when the payment is finished. The pre-programmed recommended activities that follow can further expand the customer’s spending.

With so many different forms of digital signage and location possibilities, our digital marketing and advertising experts will help you determine the best approach based on your specific goals. Call us today!

Digital Signage Vending Machine Purchase
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