Banner Ads

Display ads can come in many forms, with banner ads or web banners, and pop-ups being some of the most popular. These are seen as you browse a website or blog and can appear anywhere as you scroll through the site. Some are less intrusive and are shown on the side of a page, but some more aggressive ads pop up or appear as you read, and some even require you to click on 'close' to get rid of the ad. These are some of the tactics used to be sure your ad gets attention.

Banner ads are effective because they are visual. The visual photos, colorful images, or animated videos go beyond text advertising and lead you to an easy to understand message or a call to action. They are placed on high traffic websites that offer interesting or useful content and are typically related to a certain industry or niche.


5 Goals of Banner Ads

1. Brand Awareness


2. Increase Website Traffic / Retarget

3. Announcing Discounts and Sales

4. Generate Leads

5. Sell a Product

One unique advantage of banner ads is that their effectiveness can be easily measured. Using technology, the advertiser can track the activities around the ad. For example, an advertiser can see how many people saw the ad, clicked on the ad, or how many people skipped the ad altogether. The terms 'impressions' and "click-thru rates" are often used in digital marketing. Impressions are the number of times the ad was displayed, and click-thru rate is calculated by dividing the number of users who clicked on the ad by the number of times the ad was displayed. Using this information, the advertiser can test the ad and make adjustments to fine-tune the messaging to their target audience.